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A family story in New Zealand stock photography

PIXiPIC • 1 year ago

My favourite Pixipic muses are my two daughters. In some ways I can credit the birth of my first daughter to what pushed me to be a photographer. Suddenly there was this tiny beautiful thing in my life who was growing everyday. And I needed to capture her every moment. Cue my first Canon camera.

My first born Delphie was introduced to photography from an early age. My wife and I, being big lovers of the outdoors, loved to take her off into the mountains or the bush exploring. I found myself forever snapping photos of her amongst some of New Zealand's best scenery. Many of her baby pictures feature in my New Zealand stock photography library now. Lucky for me she is pretty darnn cute.

My second born daughter Leonie is a natural in front of the camera. Like her dad she is a complete clown, and her cheeky personality makes her fun to photograph. There are not as many stock photos of her in the Pixipic library, although she is a gorgeous wee girl. Having two kids under 5 years suddenly made carting the expensive camera to family outings not quite as possible. Instead I found myself carrying nappies and an endless supply of snacks. She is growing more independent however now that she is 3 years old, and I hope to feature her more in my New Zealand stock photography going forward.

Both my girls are growing up watching me work the camera. They are well aware it is something daddy loves to do and are surprisingly appreciative of my work for ones so young.  It is my hope that I can pass on my passion for New Zealand photography to them. I can think of nothing better than having them follow in my footsteps. For what is a more satisfying career than capturing those special moments and spectacular New Zealand vistas and forever immortalising them on film.

Hopefully one day my New Zealand stock photography library will be added to by the next generation, my two beautiful and artistic daughters.




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