Photographing New Zealand landscapes

PIXiPIC • 2 years ago

What is better than travelling across New Zealand taking stunning stock photos of its people and places.


It's hard not to fall in love with New Zealand. You can be in a busy urban metropolis and still smell the ocean. You can be working in an office and look out the window and see snow-capped mountains. New Zealand is a photographers paradise.


I never struggle to find inspiring locations for my stock photography photoshoots. I am first and foremost a beach lover. No location can speak to me the same way a vast sandy shore and a roaring ocean can. And New Zealand has such a variety of dramatic coastline, that I am spoilt for choice. I have focused many of my photoshoots on New Zealand's beaches. The beach is a huge part of the Kiwi way of life. Coastal stock photography invokes memories of childhood camping trips and fun family days spent by the sea. The ocean is beautiful and mystical, I don't suppose I will ever tire of shooting it.


My second love is the mountains. And luckily we have plenty of that here in New Zealand. I spent a great deal of my early twenties in the mountains. My wife and I loved nothing better than losing ourselves on one of New Zealand's many great walks. Stock photography images of mountains create a backdrop of grandeur and wonder. Now that I live in the South Island of New Zealand I am amongst some of the most beautiful mountain ranges in New Zealand. Expect more stock photography images of New Zealand's mountain ranges to come. I just need models who are willing to climb, and luckily New Zealanders are always up for an expedition.


Last but not least, New Zealand's native bush makes for some of my most popular stock photography images. Moody and full of colour, a bush location stirs thoughts of fairytales and exploring nature. Our New Zealand native bush is alive with birdsong and so many shades of green. The play of light while photographing in the bush can be tricky, but it can also create natural spotlights to illuminate my models. Some of my favourite stock photography images feature everyday New Zealander's amongst the delicate ferns and robust trees that create our native bush wonderlands.


These are just a few of my favourite locations to photograph for my stock photography. But New Zealand is always surprising me with new hidden beauties to discover. The only question is...where to next?




We work with local children, youth and adult talent to create unique photos that represent New Zealand’s multicultural face and ethnic diversity.

Furthermore we offer to organise bespoke photoshoots for our local and international clients, or arrange for our talent to attend local auditions.


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