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Stock photos that "move"

PIXiPIC • 1 year ago

When I think of the word move in the context of my New Zealand stock photography, I think of it in two ways.


The first is move as in movement. I don't want my stock photos to be a still shot of a beautiful woman posing with her hands on her hips and a cardboard smile. Where is the story there? Where is the action? Where is the movement?


In my stock photography I aim to take my models and weave a story around them. Creating movement in the photo makes a visually interesting story and adds dynamics. A sure way to capture movement in stock photos is by using Dancers as models. For who can move better?


I have a love affair with dance. My wife is a dancer and I have spent the last 12 years immersed in the New Zealand Dance world. Some of the first photos I ever took professionally were of my wife's dance students on stage performing. It was tricky business capturing them mid leap or high kick. But when I nailed the shot it was just awesome.


I have also met a lot of dancers. So using Dancers in my New Zealand stock photography was a no brainer. Dancers really understand their body and know how to make it look beautiful. The fluid lines they create are captivating, and make for some stunning stock photography. They know just how to twist their foot, or over-extend their arm, to make a pose look like it's going on and on and never stopping. It makes for some awesomely inspiring shots.


But not all my models are dancers of course. Most are everyday Kiwis like you and me. And yet their stock photos still have movement. Maybe not with their whole bodies, but in their eyes and fingertips.  In the curl of their smile or the wind blowing their hair. If I can see movement in the image, my job is done.  And at the same time, my story is told.


The second way I think of the word move, is in the context of a photo that moves you. A stock photo that makes you feel something. Any good photo should trigger emotion. A photo of my tiny daughter Delphie in the vast New Zealand wilderness for example... wonder, awe, insignificance?


A photo of Sophie holding a mighty Nikau Palm leaf..... admiration, mystery, female empowerement. A photo of Natania & Emilee eating iceblocks outside a good ol’ Kiwi dairy... nostalgia, joy, and perhaps a sugar craving.


The best stock photography has a feeling to go along with it. It's those feelings that you are selling to your clients. So when you're browsing PIXiPIC’s New Zealand Stock Photography library, find that picture that moves you. Believe me you'll find plenty.






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